Pastor Al Allen was born out of love to the late Daniel and  Dorothy Allen.  He is the baby boy of eight siblings. Being a unique child, at an early age he had a calling upon his life; however, fled from the will of God until he answered the rhetorical question in Genesis 18: 14 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Accepting the baptism in Jesus name and the infilling of the holy ghost according to Acts 2: 38. He was saved under the leadership of the late Suffergan Bishop Otis Baker at Lively Stone Pentecostal Church located in Allport, AR.  As a young minister, he was first loyal to serve in several positions- drummer, choir director and youth president- at his home assembly. He was also the founder and director of a thriving youth group of 100 plus in the community of Stuttgart called “New Creation Youth Group” where he mentored young men and ladies to be “better and not bitter” in life.
Affiliated with the Arkansas District Council (ADC) on the state level, he was elected to the office of Young People’s vice-president tenure; after which, as the Young People’s President, in the (ADC) he preside over 40 churches with hundreds of young people.

Furthering his education by attending Anenon Bible College, Pastor Al is an ordained pastor in the Arkansas District Council which is under the World International Organization “Pentecostal Assembles of the World Inc.”

Later in life, the spiritual mantel of pastorship was passed from his mother, the late Pastor Dorothy Allen, at Lively Stone Pentecostal Church located in Stuttgart, AR where he has served as pastor for 8 years with the love and support of his wife of 24 years, Co- Pastor Philomena Allen.  Implementing and under-shepherding several ministries in Lively Stone it is a very flourishing ministry.

Pastor Al has a heart for God’s people.  First being an evangelist, reaching out to the hearts of people by preaching the Word of God in season and out of season (II Timothy 4:2) throughout the United States.  His desire and hunger in ministry is for people to be healed and souls to be delivered manifesting through the power of God.  Walking in the gift of healing through the authority of the Holy Spirit many have been healed from various diseases- cancer, lupus and strokes victims have rose out of wheel chairs in the ministry that God has entrusted him with.   Pastor Al Allen is a firm believer of the scripture Mark 9: 29 “this kind can come forth by nothing, but prayer and fasting.”